Quality of end products and consistency are required in marijuana production.

Chief among reasons why Coca-Cola rules the soda world is because they produce a consistent product, day after day. And it’s not by luck: it’s engineering and precise measurements that have created a lasting brand.

Marijuana extraction producers and infused-product makers need to put the same emphasis on achieving consistent quality and accurate dosing in marijuana production. There can’t be such things as bad batches or inaccurately dosed edibles. Both patients’ needs and consumer loyalty demand exact measurements in our industry.

Many states, including California, are about to take giant steps into accurate dosing regulation next year, including requirements for mandatory testing of all products. Testing will reveal inconsistencies in batches, and by extension, packaging and labeling. If Canada is an example of the future, there will come a day when products are recalled for lack of compliance with ingredient content and labeling. It’s time for all producers to get your recipes right with accurate dosing, from product formulation into final production.

Accurate dosing in marijuana production doesn’t just “happen”. It needs to be your main focus.

One of our speakers at Extraxx Expo, Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands, know this well. Wana Brands has built an empire in the US, and is still growing: they are Colorado’s #1 edibles producer, servicing 450 of Colorado’s 500+ dispensaries, available in 240 dispensaries in Oregon, and have launched in Nevada and Arizona. Their secret? Ensuring that every Wana Brands product across the US “is recognized for high quality, consistency, and accurate dosing.”

Wanna another secret? It all starts with mixing. Download the case study on “Getting the Recipe Right” through mixing solutions, on small batches to industrial scale production, and learn how to ensure consistent products, from sample to sample, batch to batch, through final production.