Extraxx Expo, session Speaker: Blake Ebersole, NaturPro Scientific

Topic: “License to Steal (or Borrow): Applying Models from Pharmaceutical and Food Science to Cannabis”

The widespread acceptance of cannabis as medicine and recreation requires that the industry provide a safe, clean, consistent product meeting stringent quality standards. Cannabis products, including extracts and concentrates, can be made with processes borrowed from the natural food coloring, flavoring and dietary supplement industries, including solvent extraction and quality systems such as HACCP, Quality by Design, and GMP.  This session will provide an overview of regulations and processes from other industries that inform cannabis, list some of the common pitfalls in botanical processing and testing, and provide some solutions and ‘tricks of the trade’ for industrial-scale botanical extraction.

About Blake Ebersole: 

Blake Ebersole, B.S. M.B.A. is President of NaturPro Scientific, a scientific and regulatory consulting firm offering a combined 40+ years of experience in the cultivation and production of a wide range of botanical products for foods, dietary supplements and cannabis. Blake has performed more than a hundred GMP audits according to 21 CFR 117 (FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for Food) and 21 CFR 111 (Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements), and has managed large-scale global botanical extraction facilities and supply chains for botanical ingredients meeting stringent global requirements. Blake is an active contributor to dietary supplement and cannabis industry regulatory efforts, and has participated on active committees and expert panels for the American Herbal Products Association, the American Botanical Council, the Supplement Safety and Compliance Initiative and AOAC International, and is a regular contributing writer for Natural Products Insider.