Applying Models from Pharmaceutical and Food Science to Cannabis

Part of Extraxx Expo’s mission is to change the paradigm of thinking about marijuana. While officials and regulators inform us daily that the plant is different from other agricultural crops, it’s still remains a plant and agricultural product. (Okay, we admit, nobody is smoking lettuce.)

As a flower that is processed into food, topicals, oils, and many end-products, the manufacturing side of the marijuana industry is no different than any other botanical processing and production. It’s essential oils that we’re dealing with, and the thought process of producers needs to change from why marijuana is somehow unique and different into why marijuana is the same.

The widespread acceptance of cannabis as medicine and recreation requires that the industry provide a safe, clean, consistent product meeting stringent quality standards. Cannabis products, including extracts and concentrates, can be made with processes borrowed from the natural food coloring, flavoring and dietary supplement industries, including solvent extraction and quality systems such as HACCP, Quality by Design, and GMP.

Extraxx Expo speakers will be drawing from the experience and similarities of marijuana to other industries in the presentation of content. We hope you will join us in this journey into what can be learned from the manufacturing and processing of other¬†essential oils, and contribute in a meaningful way toward a better understanding of marijuana’s “sameness”.