Extract [ĕk-strækt]:

Definition: [verb] To separate or obtain a solid, viscous, or liquid substance from a plant or drug via the application of pressure, distillation,  treatment with solvents, gas, chemicals, or heat.


Extraxx is the only Expo and Conference dedicated to the production, processing, and science of marijuana extraction – how to make extracts and concentrates, the different types of production and extraction methods, post-extraction processing, including tips, traps, and lessons about cannabis extraction methods and technology.

Oils, concentrates, food production, and manufacturing represent the fastest-growing and continually-evolving segments of the marijuana industry. Plant extraction has created entirely new methods to consume and ingest cannabis, such as vaping oils, dabbing, or via cannabis tinctures, marijuana edibles, cannabis-infused products, transdermal patches, and topical (oils and cream) applications. In concentrated form, marijuana is now created into shatter, budder, wax, live resin, sap, rosin, keif, honeycomb, cold-water hash, bubble hash, solventless wax, ice wax, hash oil, clear, and oil. There are so many different marijuana and CBD derived products on the market today!

Extraxx Expo is dedicated to the process and production of extractions – for the extraction specialist and anyone entering into the manufacturing segment. If you’re just starting out in this side of the business, this Expo has it all! If you’re already producing extracts, this Expo will help step up your game by offering cutting-edge processing techniques that you can apply: from increasing yields, to new isolation techniques, to better end results. Extraxx Expo will also feature BIG ideas from speakers who will be sharing both their experience and provide insight on market gaps and opportunities: it all starts with extraction.  



Just starting out? Or already producing extracts? Learn new skills and innovations – this Conference & Expo will help you step up your game in this explosive market segment.



Are you offering products or services for marijuana or CBD extraction producers? Exhibit to reach qualified buyers in the extraction segment who are evaluating products.

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Extraxx, the global Conference and Expo, will bring together experts in the field of extraction methods and cutting-edge technology to help drive your business forward.

Extracts are the future of marijuana!

Discover new extraction technology, production methods, processing techniques, and market trends. While the price of flower has fallen in legal markets, high quality extractions and food products command premium prices. Learn about the latest developments and product lines in this explosive market segment!


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