A simple guide to cannabis extraction

It pains us in the marijuana industry when suppliers and product-makers keep things secret, as if there are mysteries and secret steps involved in creating extracted cannabis products. Cannabis extraction is not an “art”. It’s science applied to a botanical product.

Download this visual guide to understand what’s involved, the different steps in creating a product, what machinery is needed, and what products (or by-products) can be sold throughout the steps in processing.

Looking to make a food product? A vape oil? Sell distillate in bulk? You can find out everything you’ll need to do in this step-by-step HOW TO GUIDE.


This visual walk-through is courtesy of our friends at Extraction Services. They offer turn-key CO2 extraction setup, machinery financing, and lend-lease equipment that includes the STAFFING you’ll need to run their CO2 equipment. It really doesn’t get easier than this.