BHO vs CO2 vs Ethanol vs Pressure: what you need to know about primary extraction systems

There are many ways to reach an end product, so which extraction method is right for you? What do you need to know about the benefits of BHO extraction, CO2 extraction, Ethanol extraction, and Rosin/Pressure solventless extraction?

Our SOLD OUT extraction event on 10/22 in Anaheim brought together market-leading brands discussing and debating the benefits of different primary extraction methods: BHO vs CO2 vs Ethanol vs Pressure: a CAGE MATCH debate in extraction processing!

You can watch the full video of the debate through this link! WATCH DEBATE!

For anyone starting out with extraction, or even for seasoned hands, the discussion and debate was high-quality, insightful, informative, and entertaining! Featured speakers at the event were:

  • Josh Hartsel, CEO, Delta9 Technologies. Dr. Hartsel is the formulator behind Speakeasy710 brand, a peer-reviewed published author on cannabinoid science, and a co-author of patents on the process of CBD crystallization. Delta9 Technologies is the scaled BHO automation system that’s driven multiple Cannabis Cup-award winning brands.
  • Randy Reed, President, Olala Brands USA, the market-leading beverage maker in WA, that will be expanding to CA in 2019. Olala Brands uses Eden Labs Hi-Flow CO2 systems to power the award-winning product lines that Olala produces: sodas, terpene tonics, live resin, coffee, and vape oils.
  • Sarah Hines, Proof Extracts, a producer of tinctures, high-quality CBD and high THC products, and capsules. Sarah began in OR as a CO2 extractor before relocating to CA, was the formulator and employee #2 of Proof Extracts, helping bring Proof Extracts products to life. Proof Extracts uses Delta Separations ethanol extraction systems to produce consumer products and bulk oil/distillate for the B2B market.
  • Guy Rocourt, co-Founder and Chief Products Officer, for Papa & Barkley, the premiere solventless brand in CA. Papa & Barkley produce topicals of every variety: oils, balms, transdermal patches, bath bombs, and a high-quality live resin under the Papa’s Select brand name. Guy is passionate about Rosin/Pressure/Solventless as the best method for products, and sees no limitless demand for products that can be created using ice, water, heat, and pressure. Guy began his career using light hydrocarbon extraction in CO. Papa & Barkley use Pure Pressure‘s Rosin Press systems to create their products.

Comparisons between these processing methods will include what you’ll need to know about:

  • Why their extraction process is FUNDAMENTAL to their company
  • Which extraction method is better for cannabis
  • Setup Costs
  • Scalability
  • Extraction efficiency
  • Amount of biomass extracted per day
  • Purity of End Product
  • Safety profile of machinery
  • Technical know-how required to use equipment
  • Fire/Safety Regulator approval
  • Consumer demand for end products
  • How systems have improved
  • Market Trends
  • And MORE!

Key takeways: you’ll learn which extraction method is best suited for your company, the products you’re trying to make, and the setup involved in starting up or expanding your business operations. The choice between BHO vs CO2 vs Ethanol vs Pressure is the #1 buying decision every company needs to make before entering into or expanding manufacturing operations in the marijuana extraction business.

The link to watch the full video of the debate (90 mins, in 4 segments) is HERE! (LINK)