The “game” is changing in CA, and product makers, growers, and retailers need to consider what’s ahead in packaging & labeling compliance. Join us on 3/1 at the Los Angeles Athletic Club at 7pm, where an expert panel of speakers will be discussing changes ahead. Register now via THIS LINK.

We know the state’s not there yet, and there are gaps in what’s in place and what’s to come (barcoding, distribution, to name a few items). There’s a law that allows untested products to sell existing stock until July 1st, with a label/disclosure that it’s not tested, with the intention that the lab/testing industry will be ready, and all products will be ready, for accurate labeling after this point.

We (honestly) don’t know if the date will be met.

We do know the potential impact of this: finished products will be provided to distributors by manufacturers before mandatory compliance testing is performed by labs. This means labels need to be accurate to their contents. It might mean product makers need to test batches and products before final testing takes place. Dr. Jeff Raber, and the Werc Shop team, will be among the speakers at our event on 3/1 in downtown LA, will be discussing the impact of what’s ahead, from both a lab perspective and from experience as a (contract) Operator that runs facilities that make products.

Another reason to attend: packaging and labeling compliance require balancing spend under conditions of changing rules. The industry needs to be nimble. Other presenters will be discussing ways you can save money – where to spend (and save) on things that will have a long shelf life, and how your suppliers can work as partners in managing risk.


– Legal and Compliance in CA: “State packaging and labeling laws, from universal symbol to exit bags, and the impact of lab testing on labels & ingredients.” — Dr. Jeff Raber, CEO, The Werc Shop

– Product liability: “What Product Makers need to know about getting it right, and getting it wrong: managing risk while maintaining compliance.” — Tom Zuber, Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca

– Packaging & Labeling Supplier Support: “Working with the right packaging partner/suppliers: ideas that can help SAVE you money.” — Ben Wu, Kush Bottles & labeling supplier TBA

Date: Thursday, March 1st

Time: 7:00pm – 9:45pm

Location: 431 W 7th Street, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Networking will be held after the panel discussion, so be prepared for a night of quality content and engagement!


Register to attend via this LINK.