We all know that State applications require a security plan for license applications. But it’s one thing to put together a PLAN of where cameras and locks belong, and another to put a system into place. (It’s paper vs. purpose.) And it’s yet another thing to think of DIY-ing security…with a camera here, camera there, locks, and alarms. You can buy systems on Amazon, but will they meet your needs?

Security isn’t just about having the right number of cameras installed. It’s about compliance. It’s about passing inspection. It’s about the safety of you and your staff. It’s about protecting your business. It’s about minimizing risk. (It’s also about the fine print on insurance policies.)

Making the right decisions – not being sold things you don’t need; having the systems you do – is the topic of our event on April 10th, starting at 7pm, in downtown Los Angeles.

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